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      1. Soul Survivor Album Soul Survivor

      2. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Live) Album Anthology

      3. Talk To Me Album Green Is Blues

      4. Straighten Out Your Life Album Greatest Gospel Hits

      5. Old Time Lovin Album Let's Stay Together

      6. But One Thing I Like About Jesus... Album Anthology

      7. Ocean Blue (I'll Rise Again) Album Greatest Gospel Hits

      8. Rhymes Album Al Green Is Love

      9. No No Album The Belle Album

      10. What Is This Feeling Album Let's Stay Together

      11. The Love Sermon Album Anthology

      12. Strong As Death (Sweet As Love) Album Take Me To The River

      13. We Try To Furnish... Album Anthology

      14. I Can't Stop Album I Can't Stop

      15. Jingle Bells Album Feels Like Christmas

      16. I Can't Get Next To You Album Gets Next To You

      17. I've Been Thinkin' About You Album I Can't Stop

      18. L-O-V-E (Love) Album Al Green Is Love

      19. Georgia Boy Album The Belle Album

      20. Love Ritual Album Al Green Is Love

      21. I Feel Good (Live) Album Anthology

      22. Everything's Ok Album Everything's Ok

      23. The City Album Explores Your Mind

      24. God Bless Our Love Album Explores Your Mind

      25. Stay With Me Forever Album Explores Your Mind

      26. Oh Me Oh My (Dreams In My Arms) Album Al Green Is Love

      27. Summertime Album Green Is Blues

      28. I Feel Good Album The Belle Album

      29. Have You Been Making Out O.K. Album Call Me

      30. Nothing Impossible With Love Album Green Is Blues

      31. Always Album Full Of Fire

      32. Winter Wonderland Album Feels Like Christmas

      33. Loving You Album The Belle Album

      34. I Feel Good Album Tokyo...Live

      35. The Technique Of Writing My Songs... Album Anthology

      36. True Love Album He Is The Light

      37. I'll Be Home For Christmas Album Feels Like Christmas

      38. You Say It Album Gets Next To You

      39. I Wanna Hold You Album Everything's Ok

      40. That's My Dog Roma... How I Sing The Way I Sing... Album Anthology

      41. Are You Lonely For Me Baby Album Gets Next To You

      42. Real Love Album Everything's Ok

      43. You Album I Can't Stop

      44. God Blessed Our Love Album Tokyo...Live

      45. Where Love Rules Album Greatest Gospel Hits

      46. O Holy Night Album Feels Like Christmas

      47. I Don't Have To Go To Your Church... Album Anthology

      48. Belle Album The Belle Album

      49. Love And Happiness Album Tokyo...Live

      50. Jesus Is Waiting Album Call Me

      51. Love Ritual (1988 Remix) Album Anthology

      52. I've Been Waitin' On You Album I Can't Stop

      53. I'll Be Good To You Album Back Up Train

      54. Love And Happiness (Live) Album Anthology

      55. Let Me Help You Album Back Up Train

      56. It Ain't No Fun To Me Album Let's Stay Together

      57. What A Wonderful Thing Love Is Album I'm Still In Love With You

      58. The Letter Album Green Is Blues

      59. Judy (Live) Album Anthology

      60. Soon As I Get Home Album Full Of Fire

      61. Chariots Of Fire Album The Belle Album

      62. Guilty Album Back Up Train

      63. Play To Win Album I Can't Stop

      64. I Can't Get Next To You (Live) Album Anthology

      65. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Album Tokyo...Live

      66. I'm Glad You're Mine Album I'm Still In Love With You

      67. To Sir With Love Album Truth N' Time

      68. Driving Wheel Album Gets Next To You

      69. My Girl Album Green Is Blues

      70. Let's Stay Together Album Let's Stay Together



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