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      Alive (feat. Coucheron)

      Alive (feat. Coucheron)


      Album: You Should Be Here

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      Kehlani - Alive (feat. Coucheron) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      Rain is good for the soul
      Crazy how I feel the most warm when it's cold
      Drops hit the window and I drop down to the floor
      I assume this is when I would miss you the most
      I'm lying down
      I've got this notepad where you laid your head
      We use to go round and round
      Making love in my bed
      We were in so deep
      We could barely tread
      But now I found a way to heal myself instead
      And damn I feel alive
      Baby, damn I feel alive
      It's like something has to die
      To help you realize
      Damn I feel alive
      [Verse 2:]
      We were in a weird place
      Crazy how a person you love could just change
      Now I am learning to realize we needed our space
      I could never hurt you, we use to be great
      And you use to say, what goes around comes around so fast
      Now just look at the way
      I'm moving on and you stuck in the past
      I deserve a love that is gonna last
      But until then I will just raise this glass
      I feel, I feel
      Turn this song up if you feel alive
      I feel, you feel
      Let it all go cause right now's the time
      Let go, live on
      So you can be free, yeah free to fly
      I know it's hard but it's worth it

      Kehlani - Alive (feat. Coucheron) Música y Letra






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