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      1. I Get Money Album Curtis

      2. Smoke (Ft. Trey Songz) Album Animal Ambition

      3. Many Men (Wish Death) Album Get Rich or Die Tryin'

      4. Wanksta Album No Mercy, No Fear

      5. Candy Shop (feat. Olivia) Album The Massacre

      6. My Life (ft. Eminem & Adam Levine) Album Singles

      7. If I Can't Album Get Rich or Die Tryin'

      8. Ayo Technology (feat. Justin Timberlake And Timberland) Album Curtis

      9. P.I.M.P. Album Get Rich or Die Tryin'

      10. Disco Inferno Album The Massacre

      11. 21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg) Album Get Rich or Die Tryin'

      12. What Up Gangsta Album Get Rich or Die Tryin'

      13. Just a Lil Bit Album The Massacre

      14. In Da Club Album Get Rich or Die Tryin'

      15. Tony Yayo - Mind Playin' Tricks Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease

      16. When I Pop The Trunk ft Kidd Kidd (Produced by Illmind) Album The Lost Tape

      17. NY Album Heartless Monster

      18. Hustler Album Behind Da Bars

      19. 187 Ya Yo Album God's Plan

      20. Man Down Album Curtis

      21. Bump That Freestyle feat. G-Unit Album 24 Shots

      22. Turn The Lights On Album 5

      23. The Hits Album 24 Shots

      24. Fat Bitches Album 24 Shots

      25. Definition Of Sexy Album 5

      26. My Gun Go Off Album Curtis

      27. Intro (Curtis) Album Curtis

      28. The Good Die Young Album 24 Shots

      29. Crazy Album 24 Shots

      30. Outta Control Album The Massacre

      31. My Crown Album 5

      32. Tainted Album God's Plan

      33. Touch Me Album Forever King

      34. Pilot Album Animal Ambition

      35. Banks Victory Album No Mercy, No Fear

      36. In God We Trust Album Heartless Monster

      37. Grew Up Album Bulletproof

      38. Dreaming Album Forever King

      39. United Nations Album 5

      40. Niggas Album God's Plan

      41. NY Album 5

      42. NY Album Hate Me Now

      43. All 4 Sale feat. Ransom A-Team Album Return Of The Bad Guy Pt 1

      44. Maybe We Crazy Album Bulletproof

      45. I Smell Pussy (Ja Rule & Irv Gotti) Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease

      46. 50 Fuckin' Around Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease

      47. Ching, Ching, Ching Album Guess Who`s Back...Again

      48. Heat Ja Diss (feat. G-Unit) Album The New Breed

      49. As The World Turns (feat. Too Short & U.G.K.) Album The New Breed

      50. God Gave Me Style Album The Massacre

      51. Say What U Want Album No Mercy, No Fear

      52. Curtis 187 Album Curtis

      53. Who Shot Ya Album 24 Shots

      54. How To Rob Album 24 Shots

      55. Do My Thing Ft Mobb Deep Album The Return Of A Heartless Monster

      56. Material Girl Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease

      57. Crazy Album God's Plan

      58. Michael Jackson Freestyle (R.I.P.) Album Forever King

      59. Money Album Hate Me Now

      60. Heat Album The New Breed

      61. Money Album 5

      62. Killing The Competition Album Heartless Monster

      63. Intro (The Massacre) Album The Massacre

      64. Crack A Bottle feat. Eminem & Dr. Dre Album Return Of The Bad Guy Pt 1

      65. U Not Like Me Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease

      66. Irregular Heartbeat (Ft. Jadakiss & Kidd Kidd) Album Animal Ambition

      67. 50-Banks Album 50 Cent Is The Future

      68. Growing To Be Rap's Mvp Album The Undertaker

      69. Ems Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease

      70. Intro (Fifty's Finest) Album Fifty's Finest -Underground & Unrelease



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