Music PlayLists
      1. Because Of You Album The Collection

      2. Intro Album 98° And Rising

      3. Always You And I Album Revelation

      4. The Way You Want Me To Album Revelation

      5. The Hardest Thing Album The Collection

      6. Heat It Up Album 98° And Rising

      7. Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) Album Revelation

      8. Still Album 98° And Rising

      9. You Don't Know Album Revelation

      10. Thank God I Found You (Mariah Carey & Joe) Album The Collection

      11. If Everyday Could Be Christmas Album This Christmas

      12. Oh Holy Night Album This Christmas

      13. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An ..) Album This Christmas

      14. This Gift Album The Collection

      15. No Part Of You Album 2.0

      16. Hush, Hush Album 2.0

      17. The Way You Do Album Revelation

      18. Fly with Me Album 98° And Rising

      19. Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) Album The Collection

      20. Do You Wanna Dance Album 98° And Rising

      21. Lonely Album 2.0

      22. Agree On Goodbye Album 2.0

      23. Never Giving Up Album Revelation

      24. Never Let Go Album The Collection

      25. The Way You Want Me To Album The Collection

      26. Dizzy Album Revelation

      27. Ayo Album 2.0

      28. Ave Maria Album This Christmas

      29. Let Go Of My Heart Album 2.0

      30. Stay The Night Album Revelation

      31. Because of You Album 98° And Rising

      32. True to Your Heart (Stevie Wonder) Album 98° And Rising

      33. I Do (Cherish You) Album 98° And Rising

      34. Microphone Album 2.0

      35. You Should Be Mine Album Revelation

      36. The Hardest Thing Album 98° And Rising

      37. I'll Be Home For Christmas Album This Christmas

      38. Can't Get Enough Album 2.0

      39. He'll Never Be...(What I Used To Be To You) Album Revelation

      40. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Album This Christmas

      41. My Everything Album Revelation

      42. I'll Give It All (Interlude) Album Revelation

      43. Why (Are We Still Friends) Album The Collection

      44. Take The Long Way Home Album 2.0

      45. I Do (Cherish You) Album The Collection

      46. Impossible Things Album 2.0

      47. Invisible Man Album The Collection

      48. Christmas Wish Album This Christmas

      49. She's Out of My Life Album 98° And Rising

      50. This Gift Album This Christmas

      51. Give It Up (interlude) Album 98° And Rising

      52. Because Of You (Acoustic) (Bonus Track) Album 2.0

      53. Yesterday's Letter Album Revelation

      54. True To Your Heart (Stevie Wonder) Album The Collection

      55. Invisible Man (Acoustic) (Bonus Track) Album 2.0

      56. If She Only Knew Album 98° And Rising

      57. Little Drummer Boy Album This Christmas

      58. Was It Something I Didn't Say Album The Collection

      59. To Me You're Everything Album 98° And Rising

      60. Silent Night Album This Christmas

      61. My Everything Album The Collection

      62. Girls Night Out Album 2.0



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