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      Keep It G (Feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp)

      Keep It G (Feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp)

      A$ap Rocky

      Album: Live-Love-A$ap

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      A$ap Rocky - Keep It G (Feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      This is music for the villains, sophisticated cheering
      ASAP in the house, now we're finna run the building
      Working never chilling 'til I get a million
      To the ceiling, now my niggas gunning for a billion
      They ask me how I'm livin, I say I'm gold grillin
      Niggas acting different, motherfuck a friendship
      These bitches is persistent, talking about I'm distant
      Lost my mind a long time ago to find it, need forensics
      For instance, I get-get my dick licked
      Red bone, complexion like a piglet, kiss-kiss
      Fuck Ace, we sip Cris, afford it because I'm getting it
      Drip-drip, the thought of it is ignorant, isn't it?
      I'm ticklish, stunting is my business
      Swagging on you hoes and I'm shitting on you niglets
      So little homie, peep game
      Cause these other rappers lame and don't care to do the same
      (Hey, young blood) Stay true to the game
      Fuck them lames, keep it motherfucking G
      (Hey, young blood) Nigga I'm a tell you
      Like a motherfucking G told me
      (Hey, young blood) Stay true to yourself
      Everyday, low-motherfucking-key
      (Hey, young blood) Cause at the end of the day
      Fuck what you say, nigga I'm going to be it G
      [Verse 2:]
      Well let me tell you about a nigga like me
      I be smoking, choking, black locing with the OE
      She wants to take a dick ride, we slide
      Straight to the telly, shaking her jelly with my dick inside
      Hit it in motion, in slow motion, hit it
      Nigga, she's open, nigga I'm poking, split it
      With it, get it right there in the bed
      Open up your legs, let me beat that pussy red
      Fuck what you said, I'm a still do me
      Groupies, be sucking and fucking, porno movie
      Do we have a problem in here
      Look a nigga in the eye as I notice the fear
      I am severe, my style is hella sharp, like a spear
      All I do is sit back and think with a 40 beer
      And you gotta feel the funk
      While the bass plays loud booming all in your damn trunk

      A$ap Rocky - Keep It G (Feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp) Música y Letra





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