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      Potato Salad (Ft Tyler)

      Potato Salad (Ft Tyler)

      A$ap Rocky

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      A$ap Rocky - Potato Salad (Ft Tyler) Música y Letra

      [Intro: Tyler the Creator]
      Yo, now you gon' start me from the top? Listen
      Shout out Harlem, man
      Shout out A$AP Rocky, man
      AWGE in the building, man
      What's good? Is that potato salad?
      Yo, listen
      [Verse 1: Tyler the Creator]
      Niggas give me the cold shoulder, I can speak for myself
      So I keep a high waist and alligator the belt
      And got a belt with the holster, I ain't playing games
      But got some lil' niggas who would do it so I pass the controller
      You get pressed and X out, tri-angle your nose
      Pause your life if you squares try to mess with my O's, whoa
      So cut the crap like shit barbers
      Cause we really with the beef like closeted gay fathers
      Nigga we get dollars, give 'em to Ben Baller
      Exchange for them chains that's all shiny with thick water
      I got back pains, neck heavy like whipped cream
      My whip clean, and they all white, I whip cream
      And cop boys and I joy stick, I whip cream and cop cribs
      I got more space than big jeans, y'all sleeping on me
      Explain why they got shit dreams
      I'm alien, got the laser gun with the big beam
      Married to the money, my bitch green
      No I don't sip lean, but ride around in rockets like Yao Ming
      Y'all niggas weak
      They thought I was goofy and all mouses
      Double C my luggage and fill them with Comme blouses
      Y'all cop kush, my nigga I cop houses
      And fill em with some Leo DiCap's and some Cole Sprouses, nigga
      Where we? Rocky, A$AP
      GOLF, boy, where we at? Nigga in Pari'
      [Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]
      Fuck clothes, I cop pieces
      Couple thots with me and them hoes is like divas
      Got my Vans on but they look like sneakers
      Flipped a couple packs, BasedGod in the speakers
      Bass all in the speakers
      In the field like baseball, play ball, face wall when polices come
      I don't rock Chanel, I rock channel
      And no this ain't a purse, it's a satchel (At you)
      Bless, at you, nah I ain't sneeze
      But if niggas want steam or smoke, bet I match you
      Got a bullet with your name on the barrel
      If hollows don't clip, you get nip like it's cat food
      That dude, when I die, they gotta make a statue
      Bad attitude, this ain't a purse, it's a satchel
      Go to any nigga with money up in my bracket
      Then I think about the state of rapping
      All the freshmens in the classes
      All the super seniors mumblin' and ramblin'
      Mumblin and rappin', mumble rapping?
      I find it hard to find actual talent
      I find it hard to find an actual challenge
      I'm like Shabazz Palace's last acid hit, elaborate
      Rap lab's labyrinth, word to Kodak's Black's Lazarus
      "Calldrops" on the album skits
      [Verse 3: Tyler the Creator]
      Ayo, I'm the channel that you watch, I'm the ammo in the Glock
      Weird nigga, full suit with the sandals and the socks, stop
      And based on my neck boy
      You would think I hate glass homes way I'm handling the rocks
      Who cast the first stone? Bitch it's me, fuck you thought?
      Real grunge nigga, I ain't got a flannel as the top
      And I'm picking up guitar, strum nigga
      Bum niggas wish they could make a garden shed
      But they sleeping on me man like their arm is dead
      I'm a wild nigga boy and you farmer bred, born
      You ain't animal, you are, corn, hahah, yeah!
      [Outro: Tyler the Creator]
      K shiz, what up nigga!
      I have nothing cool to do

      A$ap Rocky - Potato Salad (Ft Tyler) Música y Letra






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