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      My Only Woman

      My Only Woman

      After 7

      Album: After 7

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      After 7 - My Only Woman Música y Letra

      You're the Kinda Woman
      That Every Guy Wishes That He Could Meet
      You're a Cut Above the Rest Girl
      And It's a Fact, You Are a Beauty Queen
      The Way You Love Me
      Makes My Life Worth Living
      You Got a Special Way That Touches My Heart
      You Know You're the Only
      Woman That's Ever Given
      Giving Me So Much
      You Are My Shining Star
      You Are My Only Woman**
      You Are My Only Girl
      You Are My Only Woman
      I'm Gonna Keep On
      Good Love to You
      My Only Woman***
      You're My Only Girl
      My Only Woman
      I Will Be Your Lover
      Everyday For Life. If Ya Want Me To
      Cause Girl There Is no Other
      That Can Do the Things That I Want to Do
      Sometimes I Wonder
      Could It Be That I'm Dreaming
      I Never Thought My Dreams Would Ever
      Come True
      Now That I Got You
      Girl You Got Me Believing
      That Happiness Is Mine
      Long As I'm Loving You
      Repeat Chorus ***
      Only One
      My Only One
      You're the One
      Girl You're Number One
      Only One
      My Only One
      My Only Woman
      Number One Girl
      Oh Baby Rock My World
      Repeat Chorus
      Oh the Finest Woman I've Ever Seen
      On a Movie Star and Beauty Queen
      No I Can't Stop Thinking About the Way I Feel
      There's no Doubt About It Baby My Love
      Is Real
      You Are the One

      After 7 - My Only Woman Música y Letra






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