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      All Alone

      All Alone

      Alice Russell

      Album: Pot Of Gold

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      Alice Russell - All Alone Música y Letra

      All alone, traveling, traveling, traveling so far away from home
      I never meant this song to happen but there you go
      Don't go holding on to tight it'll never never grow, never grow
      We are free? That is modern day philosophy
      Saying what something else means to you means to me
      The differences are always someone who's feeling quite the same
      Quite the same
      Look the city streets are burning
      Kicked the fence I carried on
      Something inside my head was turning
      turning on
      So talk to me, and tell me something that you learned that I didn't know
      Push me with your stories and make my tears flow
      Change the way I'm thinking to the truth that's your own, truth I know
      Then fight with me, turn your story round pretty words you lie to me
      Why you feel the need to always put on me?
      Your anger and fear are always fighting for control, full control!
      Look the city streets are burning!
      Everyone of us looks on
      Seems ours mind's weren't meant for turning
      Turning on, turning on
      Turning on, turning on

      Alice Russell - All Alone Música y Letra





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