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      Alison Moyet

      Album: The Turn

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      Alison Moyet - Home Música y Letra

      Does no one here have any place to go?
      Can there be time for such reclining
      In your social to and fro
      Have you no paramour
      No dogs to walk
      No early morning shift
      That calls you like a whore and
      begs you make it swift?
      Does no one here have anything to show?
      For every hour you devour
      In pursuit of letting go
      Where is your suckling brood?
      Your easy mood
      'Kick up the fire and let the
      flames break loose'
      Home, go home
      Your dreams are yours alone'
      all buffered nail and whittled heel
      like clothes and skin the dance floor peels
      Home, go home
      The Masquerade is done
      from here on in, tomorrow's canned
      in each dear disappointed hand
      Does no one here have anything to say?
      Would it be treasonous to reason with
      a heart so young and gay
      It is the perfect frock, exquisite locks
      and nothing comes to rain on your parade
      Home, Go home
      Your dreams are yours alone
      What care i for your cobbled life
      Your talent turn, your status wife
      Go Home, Go Home, to valance,
      flock and drone
      Your lovers writhe like eels inside
      Your neighbour's sheets - squealing
      Bleating Haste - quick turn
      The pyro lives to burn
      The pelmet catches, batten hatches
      all is gone that no-one snatches
      Home, go home and govern you
      your own
      Make your love and keep it warm
      It won't be precious very long
      GO HOME

      Alison Moyet - Home Música y Letra





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