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      So Hard

      So Hard

      Aloe Blacc

      Album: Good Things

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      Aloe Blacc - So Hard Música y Letra

      Dont it make you wanna scream
      when you find out that your dream
      ain't really what it seems
      Verse 1:
      The key to everything, everybody here in America
      is the money.
      Some say that it's the root of all evil;
      brings wars and other cells of upheaval.
      Leaves family in the streets with nothing to eat;
      little baby boys and girls
      no shoes on their feet;
      all the men who leave home dying in the war zones
      and the women do it all they own.
      It reminds me of the ghettos right here
      and the hoods that I see,
      everywhere that I've been in the is country.
      Stop bailing out the banks and give the Franklins to me
      I guess my piece of the pie ain't free, can you free.
      Verse 2:
      He don't care and she don't care;
      they both got brand new clothes to wear
      and they ain't worry
      cuz they don't know
      what its like to be left out in the snow
      The dirt
      the filth
      the gutter
      the grime
      the pain
      the strain
      the hustle
      the climb
      the struggle to fight
      the conflict
      the crime
      I don't bye that line that it's nature's design
      you different,
      you ugly,
      you evil
      you wrong
      you stupid
      you dumb
      your mind ain't too strong
      your daddy ain't from here
      so you don't belong
      and the list goes on and on and on and on....

      Aloe Blacc - So Hard Música y Letra





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