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      Searchin' For My Soul

      Searchin' For My Soul

      Amel Larrieux

      Album: Infinite Possibilities

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      Amel Larrieux - Searchin' For My Soul Música y Letra

      Once I was happy
      Once I was alive
      The spirit of my guilty in the mimic of the sky
      Watching lives be taken
      Must be something in...
      Cause every day is another for my spirit to survive
      See I was lost oh where's the key?
      Cause this soul's simply cramped outside of me
      Somebody tell me where to go
      Searchin' for my soul
      Thought it was stayin' but now I know
      Searchin' for my soul
      It left an empty space you know
      Searchin' for my soul
      If you should see it send it home
      I tried to be strong but my strength is getting weak
      Happiness is clearing I hope I have the vision to see
      I'm so heavy-hearted
      I've got clearly blues
      Lately I can't even bring myself to watch the news
      Oh I feel the weight of all the world
      Is resting on the shoulders of this girl
      Every time one of us goes down
      Like I'm looking at my own blood on the ground
      Seems like everybody's lost their minds
      And I just might be the next one in line
      Searchin' for my soul
      Searchin' for, searchin' for, searchin' for my soul

      Amel Larrieux - Searchin' For My Soul Música y Letra





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