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      Earn My Affection

      Earn My Affection

      Amel Larrieux

      Album: Morning

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      Amel Larrieux - Earn My Affection Música y Letra

      I Work Hard For What I Got
      Plenty Overtime
      When I Clock Out I'm Worn And Beat Down
      But Still Ready To Fly
      (Here You Come With Those )
      Unsteady Eyes
      Like You Been Looking For Something You Cannot Find
      Right Through Me
      Like My Fruit Ain't Fit For Makin' Pie
      You Got To
      Earn My Affection
      Put Your Back Into It
      Before We Get This Show On The Road
      Don't Make Me
      Lose All My Self Respect
      I Ain't Desperate Yet So
      Come On Now Stop Actin' Out And Act Like You Know
      You're A Beautiful Mess
      But Every Attic Has A Treasure
      And I Been Known, To Throw My Apron On
      And Scrub To Reveal A Shine
      (Let The Good Lord Have)
      Mercy On You
      Before I Do
      If You Were In The Area And Just Passing Through
      Come Correctly, Come Strong And Don't Drag Your Good Foot Behind
      You Set A Pretty Table And Serve Me Raw Meat
      Ask Me To Your Show But Don't Save Me A Seat
      Say Together We Can Sail, Then Add Me To Your Fleet
      The Perfect Pair Of Pants Are Ruined With The
      I Demand A Flat Surface
      Where I Can
      And Stand
      It's My Democratic Right To Say Man You Should...

      Amel Larrieux - Earn My Affection Música y Letra





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