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      Still Making History

      Still Making History

      Ana Popović

      Album: Still Making History

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      Ana Popović - Still Making History Música y Letra

      It has come to light
      It will ease your mind
      When you realize that the source of all fears
      Is present as faith and old as mankind
      No more wars, no more pain, no more loneliness
      And no worries
      Another circle around the sun
      We're still making history
      And all the sleepless nights
      Won't make me know better
      And all the cried tears
      Won't awake the wisdom in me
      That all hurts, the more we search
      The less we'll see
      Another circle around the sun but
      We're still making history
      How much more anger will be awaken
      Who's got the power to choose?
      How many more lives needs to be taken
      How much do we gain? How much do we lose?
      There's no freedom that asks for no alert
      No wisdom of war that won't weaken the earth
      How much more time we'll live in vanity before
      All, all of us is hurt
      Hope is a sun light before the dawn
      Peace is a battle never truly won
      Seems like the end of the game now
      Unbearable wish to escape as far as we can
      Absolution's a mask for the troubled times
      All victories are cover stories for the hidden crimes
      Why don't we give the peace another chance?
      We're still making history

      Ana Popović - Still Making History Música y Letra





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