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      Sweet Chick (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

      Sweet Chick (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

      Anderson .Paak

      Album: Oxnard

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      Anderson .Paak - Sweet Chick (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) Música y Letra

      Ohh yeah
      Ohh yeah
      Spotlight, that's just my life and time
      [Verse 1: Anderson .Paak]
      Okay, I got me a sweet bitch
      So I'm headed to N.Y. just to be up in it
      Off of Rivington, we fuckin' up some Sweet Chick
      She go vegan on the weekends
      Hell naw, you shouldn't be eatin' dick
      I got me a freak bitch
      And she nasty, she wild, she a free spirit
      After me, she gon' let the whole team hit it
      Goddamn, why can't you be more discreet wit' it?
      I'm at peace wit' it
      Come on, peace, kid
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      Yeah, it ain't much, look
      Okay, I got me a cheap broad
      Should be tippin' but she'll put them dollars in her bra
      She be cussin' out the managers at restaurants
      Every time we go to dinner, shit is free of charge
      I got me a centerfold, kinda sorta
      But she poppin' on the Insta though
      She gon' have a million followers by the winter time
      After that she'll be somebody that I used to know
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      I had to let her go, you know?
      Had a Xan ho
      She be mumblin' and hard to understand though
      She in love with all the trappers from Atlanta
      Introduced her to T.I. and that was the last time I had her
      Got a skater bitch
      She a gamer, gotta take her to arcades and shit
      She be watchin' Anime while I'm layin' dick
      Wanna go to Comic Con, I'm like "Come down a bit"
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      On my gangsta shit, uh
      Speakin' of which, got a gangsta boo
      Man, her mama and her grandmama gangsta too
      With the drama, keep the llama in the daisy dukes
      Shit, if I try to take her to the party, she gon' shoot up the room
      (Fuck outta here, nigga, run ya shit)
      Ooh, got a lazy bitch
      Oh, I'ma do it tomorrow, tomorrow came and went
      Ain't no fuckin' at the crib, it's probably dirty as shit
      How you runnin' outta breath when you ridin' the dick?
      Ho, oh nah, nah, nah
      You gotta get the fuck up off me right now
      Oh, baby, I been thinkin' 'bout
      What I gotta do all day and I'm fuckin' tired, Wilma tired
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      Damn, okay, I got it
      Got a cougar bitch
      We be fuckin' in the back of Subarus and shit
      I would love to spend the night, there's always food in the fridge
      She be knowin' what she like and what to do wit' it
      Uh, throwin' me around, wasn't used to it (Wasn't used to it)
      Gotta tell my bigger homie how abusive she is
      Nigga, no one would believe me, they like "You just a bitch"
      Had to buy surveillance cameras to get proof of it
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      I'm suin' you, bitch
      [Verse 2: BJ The Chicago Kid]
      But I got a fat ass one from Chicago (From Chicago)
      She said she lowkey but everybody know (Everybody know)
      Bitch is from heaven, mattress on the floor (Whoa)
      Invite her to the crib, show her how I live
      But she bought some roaches, no
      Next stop, Ohio (Ohio)
      Her mom's shoppin' these parts from Mexico (Mexico)
      She demand the D before and after show (After show)
      These are the ups and downs when we're in the
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      Ooh, yeah, baby, baby, yeah
      Yeah, baby
      Ah, ohh
      Darlin', darlin', darlin', darlin'
      [Break: Anderson .Paak]
      Okay, ha, shit
      Yes, Lord
      (Spotlight, that's just my life and time)
      I got it, uh
      [Outro: Anderson .Paak]
      Got a yogi bitch
      And she natural, she hate to wear deodorant
      And she bashful if she come up out those clothes she in
      You got a what, my nigga? You got-you got a what?
      Oh, your bitch is flexible?
      No, no, no, no, no, no
      You like yogi bitches now? Fuck that!
      How'd you get in here? Chill
      Let's see if your bitch could dodge these bullets, nigga
      My nigga, you know what?
      No, no
      Get the fuck, wait, you fuckin' wit' a bitch
      Don't talk
      That don't shave her under arms?
      You know what? You gon' run that under arm hair bitch
      Bitches in the hood need that for edges
      Put the gun down, yo
      What else you got in your bag, bitch? Come up off that
      Shut the fuck up, nigga
      You know what, come up off your cha-you know what? I fuckin' loved you, nigga
      Okay, okay
      Your bitch is makin' me-you know what, bitch?
      She 'bout to die first, fuck that
      Don't move

      Anderson .Paak - Sweet Chick (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) Música y Letra





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