Music PlayLists
      1. Fairy Tales Album Compositions

      2. Body And Soul Album Rhythm Of Love

      3. Caught Up In The Rapture Album Rapture

      4. Close Your Eyes Album My Everything

      5. Moonlight Sleigh Ride Album Christmas Fantasy

      6. Angel Album The Songstress

      7. You Bring Me Joy Album Rapture

      8. Your're The Best Yet Album The Songstress

      9. Mystery Album Rapture

      10. How Does It Feel Album My Everything

      11. Lonely Album Compositions

      12. Serious Album My Everything

      13. How Could You Album My Everything

      14. Rhythm Of Love Album Rhythm Of Love

      15. My Funny Valentine Album Rhythm Of Love

      16. You're My Everything Album My Everything

      17. Do You Believe Me Album The Songstress

      18. Good Love Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      19. Priceless Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      20. No One In The World Album Rapture

      21. Sweet Love Album Rapture

      22. Feel The Need Album The Songstress

      23. Sometimes I Wonder Why Album Rhythm Of Love

      24. More Than You Know Album Compositions

      25. Whatever It Takes Album Compositions

      26. You're My Everything Revisited Album My Everything

      27. No More Tears Album The Songstress

      28. Frosty's Rag (Frosty The Snowman) Album Christmas Fantasy

      29. Giving You The Best That I Got Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      30. Sometimes Album The Songstress

      31. Watch Your Step Album Rapture

      32. The Look Of Love Album Rhythm Of Love

      33. Soul Inspiration Album Compositions

      34. Christmas Fantasy Album Christmas Fantasy

      35. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Album Christmas Fantasy

      36. Christmas Time Is Here Album Christmas Fantasy

      37. In My Heart Album My Everything

      38. Rules Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      39. Squeeze Me Album The Songstress

      40. Love You To The Letter Album Compositions

      41. Baby Album Rhythm Of Love

      42. Only For A While Album Rhythm Of Love

      43. Perfect Love Affair Album Compositions

      44. No One To Blame Album Compositions

      45. It's Been You Album Rhythm Of Love

      46. Good Enough Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      47. Plenty Of Room Album Rhythm Of Love

      48. Men In My Life Album My Everything

      49. My Favorite Things Album Christmas Fantasy

      50. I'll Be Home For Christmas Album Christmas Fantasy

      51. O, Come All Ye Faithful (featuring The Yellow Jackets) Album Christmas Fantasy

      52. I Apologize Album Rhythm Of Love

      53. You Belong To Me Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      54. Lead Me Into Love Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      55. I Can't Sleep Album My Everything

      56. Talk To Me Album Compositions

      57. Family Of Man Album Christmas Fantasy

      58. Wrong Man Album Rhythm Of Love

      59. You Belong To Me Album Rhythm Of Love

      60. Just Because Album Giving You The Best That I Got

      61. Like You Used To Do Album My Everything

      62. Same Ole Love Album Rapture

      63. Been So Long Album Rapture

      64. Will You Be Mine Album The Songstress



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