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      Sista Big Bones

      Sista Big Bones

      Anthony Hamilton

      Album: Ain't Nobody Worryin

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      Anthony Hamilton - Sista Big Bones Música y Letra

      Some day I'll be walkin along and you'll stepp on the scene where I'll be, hopefully you'll
      touched by my charm and the words of the song will lead the way, bright eyes, and thangs, dark hair,
      earrings, just a few of the things i like about you
      Sista Big bone, can a brotha walk you home, look like a plate of neck bones, i'd like to keep
      your body warm
      Frankly, i admire your style, how you go into work everyday, confidence in your walk in your
      stride, have my nose open wide miss thang, I'd like to take you on a nice day shoot some riddles have
      some vittles with you, make no mistake, I'll be a gentleman take your coat open doors things I'll do
      I'd like to dance with you
      hold hands, and walk with you, sing songs, and stare at you, miss thang, miss thang
      [Chorus - Repeat]

      Anthony Hamilton - Sista Big Bones Música y Letra






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