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      Last Night

      Last Night

      Anthony Hamilton

      Album: Soulife

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      Anthony Hamilton - Last Night Música y Letra

      [Anthony Hamilton]
      Last night I fell in love
      Alright, alright, yea ummmm
      It takes control of me when I see love in your eyes
      Your like a spring time breezeU send chills through me
      A natural high
      It's just the way you've been my best friend right by my side
      And theirs no one else like u baby last night I realized thats why
      Last night I fell in lovem with u
      (See I fell in love with u, again and again yea)
      All over again, it's true, I fell in love with u
      [Sunshine Anderson]
      It was unbelievable, when u touched me so, tenderly
      Your kiss was so sweet n though u will never know
      It was like a dream
      I hope that it will never end
      Please do it again cuz it feels so right
      I need someone to pinch me please
      Cuz I cant believe it happened in one night
      [Dolo Pichino]
      Last night it feeld just like (our very first time)
      When u and I first made love (On that first night
      It would be only right if we just lived our life (Side by side)
      Cuz last night (Last night, last night) I feel in love with u again like t first time

      Anthony Hamilton - Last Night Música y Letra





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