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      Carry On

      Carry On


      Album: Chapter II

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      Ashanti - Carry On Música y Letra

      There was something in your eyes that i saw tonight
      i never thought that i would see it 
      now there's holes in my walls and there's glass on the floor
      and you said you didn't mean it.
      you went from zero to none in these past three months on your level of affection
      i don't wanna be that girl that cries herself to sleep putting up with your rejection cause
      i can't carry on living life like this, living life like this,
      this can't be what it is, i don't wanna live my life like this.(2x)
      When i try to make sense out of what we have i also fall into depression
      because i know in my heart that we both grown apart ain't no use in us pretending
      we never talk on the phone and your never at home and if you are there's always tension, i ain't gonna be that girl that ends up staying sitting around just regretting cause
      I'm tired of fighting, i'm tired of spiting, my life is a storm full of raining and lightning my insides are pleading from all of the screaming sometimes i just feel like i'm no longer breathing.
      i look in your eyes all i see is a demon, i'm tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve and i just don't know why i stay cause day after day i continue to say

      Ashanti - Carry On Música y Letra





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