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      Shany's World - (featuring Chink Santana)

      Shany's World - (featuring Chink Santana)


      Album: Chapter II

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      Ashanti - Shany's World - (featuring Chink Santana) Música y Letra

      Ha Ha Ha
      I'd like to welcome y'all to the wonderful, the wonderful world
      Of Murder Inc's own, Murder Inc's own princess, Miss Ashanti
      A place where it's just so beautiful, it don't not matter
      You know what I'm talkin' about?
      So glad that y'all could come and share this fine, beautiful day with us
      Thank you for coming
      What we created in here is something so special
      In this world of magic and beauty is like
      It don't matter where you from or where you at
      It take you wherever you wanna go
      'Cause when you're in Shany's world, man, it don't even matter
      See, I go by the name of Chink Santana
      A Private Gotti
      Call Me Agone
      That’s My Dogg Right There
      That’s My Partner In Crime, That’s My
      That’s The Bomb
      That’s My Dogg Irv Gotti
      My Dogg Milwaukee Buff
      My Brother Keath
      Seeker Is What We Created Right Here
      Its Something So Special And
      And It Even Don’t Matter Where U At, U Could Be In The DC Room And Doggs In The Pret
      Black Mamma Camp
      You Could Go Out There Lord
      The Texas Holli Lord Jam
      And Frazier
      Pimp C On Your Head Y’all
      Pump B
      We Can Go Out There To L.A
      Wazz Up Homies
      We Can Go Down To Miami Man
      Get My Dogg Shortie
      We Can Go Out To Shontana Hollila For Gotti
      In The Shany’s World Man It Don’t Matter
      Hell Naw
      To All My Ladies
      A Beautiful Beautiful, A Beautiful Ladie
      This One For Y’all Right Here Man
      She Will Be Representing For Y’all
      She Sang This For Y’all
      She Write This For Y’all
      I’m Talkin About …
      So Without Further Due
      I Would Like To Welcome You
      Chapter 2
      This Is Murder
      Lets Go

      Ashanti - Shany's World - (featuring Chink Santana) Música y Letra





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