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      I've found someone

      I've found someone

      Barry White

      Album: Just For You Disc

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      Barry White - I've found someone Música y Letra

      It's not everyday
      That you can find something in your life
      That is worth all the money in this world
      And for the first time in my life
      I find it hard for me to express myself by the way I feel
      This thing makes me wanna scream
      Makes me wanna holler, makes me wanna shout
      It makes me wanna sing lyrics of love
      And joy and happiness and [Incomprehensible]
      Never thought I'd find someone
      Who'd blow my mind, yeah, like you do
      And never thought I'd see the day
      That it could be so true, yeah
      Yes, I found someone, yeah
      Someone that I can give my love to
      And do all the things I've longed to do
      Girl, I've found out it's you, it's true
      It's true, it's you
      Never have I known the kinda love you've shown in my life
      And don't believe myself you're better than I've ever felt
      Yes, I know why
      It's all because I, I've, I've found someone, yeah, yeah, yeah
      Someone that I can reach out and touch
      Your smiling face, it means so much
      Girl, you'll be the one I need when things go wrong
      I'm gonna need your faith to keep me strong
      Ohh, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care what you do
      It's gonna take the rest of my life, take a chance on you

      Barry White - I've found someone Música y Letra





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