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      Practice what you preach

      Practice what you preach

      Barry White

      Album: The Icon is Love

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      Barry White - Practice what you preach Música y Letra

      So what do you want to do, i'm here baby
      i'm ready baby, i'm waiting on you
      believe me, i am patiently waiting on you
      Girls there's something wrong with me
      every time i'm alone with you
      you keep talking about you loving me
      hey babe, your foreplay just blows my mind
      so why don't we stop all the talking girl
      why don't we stop wasting time?
      1-'cause you keep telling me this and telling me that
      you say once i'm with you, i'll never go back
      you say there's a lesson that you want to teach
      well here i am baby, practice what you preach
      Girl it's just you and me, so many things
      i could do to you and so many ways i can please
      hey, hey, hey it's your move girl
      why don't you start turning down the lights
      and show me what you can do?
      (repeat 1)
      ladies, baby, baby, baby
      we're wasting time, precisious time
      all this talk about what you're gonna do
      and how you're gonna do it to me
      come on, practice what you preach
      (rpt 1)

      Barry White - Practice what you preach Música y Letra






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