Music PlayLists
      1. Duo Oto Subito (with Keiko Matsui) Album Dancing on the Water

      2. Ludwig Album Foxie

      3. Into The Light Album Restless

      4. Love Is Where Album Playin' Hooky

      5. Where The Wind Blows Free Album BJ4

      6. I Want To Thank You (Very Much) Album Touchdown

      7. Midnight at the Oasis Album Joined at the Hip

      8. Deja Blue Album Joined at the Hip

      9. Fanfarinette Album Rameau

      10. Baby Plays Around Album Flesh And Blood

      11. Dancing On The Water (with Chuck Loeb) Album Dancing on the Water

      12. Nardis Album Bold Conceptions

      13. Legacy Album 12

      14. Hey, Girl Album Double Vision

      15. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise Album Bold Conceptions

      16. Trade Winds Album Joy Ride

      17. Marco Polo Album Foxie

      18. Under Me Album Restless

      19. We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together Album Flesh And Blood

      20. Zebra man Album Foxie

      21. Sandstorm Album Two of a Kind

      22. Treasure Island Album BJ4

      23. Autumn Nocturne (with Dave Holland) Album Dancing on the Water

      24. Out of the Cold Album Joined at the Hip

      25. Where I Wander Album Two of a Kind

      26. What's Up Album Joy Ride

      27. Kickin' Back Album Joined at the Hip

      28. I'm In You Album Heads

      29. L'Indiscrète Album Rameau

      30. Strollin' Album Joy Ride

      31. Morning, Noon, & Night Album Morning, Noon, & Night

      32. Joy Ride Album Joy Ride

      33. Feel Like Making Love Album One

      34. Women of Ireland Album Three

      35. San Diego Stomp Album Cool

      36. Three Mice Blind Album Straight Up

      37. Restless Album Restless

      38. Playing With Fire Album Playin' Hooky

      39. Maputo Album Double Vision

      40. Menuet 2 Album Rameau

      41. Terpsichore Album Cool

      42. One Loving Night Album Heads

      43. The Sponge Album Cool

      44. Orpheus Album Ivory Coast

      45. Fly Me to the Moon (aka in Other Words) Album Bold Conceptions

      46. Obsession Album Obsession

      47. The Jody Grind Album Straight Up

      48. La Livri Album Rameau

      49. Angela (Theme from ``Taxi'') Album Touchdown

      50. Restoration Album Grand Piano Canyon

      51. Sweet Talk Me Now Album Joy Ride

      52. Hands On Album Morning, Noon, & Night

      53. Are You Ready Album Playin' Hooky

      54. Miniature Album Cool

      55. Somebody Make Me Laugh Album Flesh And Blood

      56. Bogie's Boogie Album Dancing on the Water

      57. The First Time Album Joy Ride

      58. La Chasse Album Rameau

      59. It's You Album Double Vision

      60. Take Me To The Mardi Gras Album Two

      61. The Night We Called it a Day Album Bold Conceptions

      62. The Golden Apple Album Two

      63. Feel the Fire Album Obsession

      64. More Than Friends Album Double Vision

      65. Nightcrawler Album Straight Up

      66. After The Fall Album Flesh And Blood

      67. Midnight Album 12

      68. So Much In Common Album Cool

      69. Five O Clock Chateau Album Morning, Noon, & Night

      70. Night On Bold Mountain Album One



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