Music PlayLists
      1. Get You into My Life (feat. Glasses Malone) Album Better

      2. Lovin You from a Distance Album Better

      3. I Remember You Album I Remember You

      4. Don't Take Your Love Away Album Ten

      5. Yours Album Brian McKnight

      6. While Album Evolution Of A Man

      7. Red, White, And Blue with Rasc Album Ten

      8. Stay or Let It Go Album Back At One

      9. Shall We Begin Album Back At One

      10. Superhero Album Superhero

      11. Stay Album Gemini

      12. Goodbye (feat. Kimie Miner) Album Better

      13. The Way I Do [#] Album From There To Here

      14. Never Felt This Way Album Brian McKnight

      15. Been So Long Album U Turn

      16. Everything I Do Album Gemini

      17. Like I Do Album Better

      18. Just Waiting Album Better

      19. You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time) Album Anytime

      20. Still in Love Album From There To Here

      21. I Miss U Album Evolution Of A Man

      22. The Only One for Me Album Anytime

      23. You Album I Remember You

      24. Anytime Album From There To Here

      25. The Way Love Goes Album Brian McKnight

      26. I Betchaneva Album Evolution Of A Man

      27. Played Yourself Album Back At One

      28. Could Album Anytime

      29. Can't Take It Album Better

      30. Hold Me Album Anytime

      31. Jam Knock Album Anytime

      32. Here With You Album Gemini

      33. Enough Album Better

      34. Up Around My Way Album I Remember You

      35. Stay the Night Album Brian McKnight

      36. Lonely Album Back At One

      37. Just Enough Album Better

      38. Every Beat of My Heart Album I Remember You

      39. Anyway Album I Remember You

      40. I Do Album Ten

      41. Til I Get Over You Album Anytime

      42. More And More Album Ten

      43. A Little Too Late Album Ten

      44. When Ur Lovin Me Album Evolution Of A Man

      45. Last Dance Album Back At One

      46. So Sorry Album U Turn

      47. Someday, Someway, Somehow Album U Turn

      48. My Kind of Girl Album Superhero

      49. Crazy Love Album I Remember You

      50. Let Me Love You Album From There To Here

      51. Comfortable Album Ten

      52. Stay With Him (Intro) Album Gemini

      53. I Couldn't Say Album Brian McKnight

      54. Thank You (For Saving My Life) Album From There To Here

      55. The Rest Of My Life Album Ten

      56. Another You Album Evolution Of A Man

      57. Oh Lord Album Brian McKnight

      58. Prelude Album Superhero

      59. After the Love Album Brian McKnight

      60. All Over Now Album Gemini

      61. Try Our Love Again Album U Turn

      62. Used To Be My Girl Album Ten

      63. Everything Album Superhero

      64. Niko's Lullaby Album I Remember You

      65. Don't Know Where to Start Album Superhero

      66. Back at One Album From There To Here

      67. All Night Long Album U Turn

      68. Crazy Love Album From There To Here

      69. Back at One Album Back At One

      70. Holdin' On (Missin' You) Album Ten



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