Music PlayLists
      1. My Love's For Real Album Chic-Ism

      2. In It To Win It Album Chic-Ism

      3. High Album Chic-Ism

      4. Est-Ce Que C'est Chic Album Chic

      5. Everybody Dance (Glenn Friscia Hardhouse Mix) Album Chic

      6. I Want Your Love (Kreva's CDJ-1000 Remix) Album C'est Chic

      7. Le Mix C'est Freak Album C'est Chic

      8. Hey Fool Album Tongue In Chic

      9. My Feet Keep Dancing (Album & 12'' Version) Album Risqué

      10. When You Love Someone Album Tongue In Chic

      11. Sharing Love Album Tongue In Chic

      12. Rebels Are We (Album & 12'' Version) Album Real People

      13. Your Love (Hank's Mix) Album Chic-Ism

      14. Good Times Album Les Plus Grands Succès De Chic - Chic's Greatest Hits

      15. Burn Hard (7'' Version) Album Take It Off

      16. Something You Can Feel Album Chic-Ism

      17. Chic Cheer (1984 Mix By Bernard Edwards) Album C'est Chic

      18. My Forbidden Lover (7'' Version) Album Risqué

      19. Chic Mystique (Reprise) Album Chic-Ism

      20. You Can Get By Album Chic

      21. Chicism Album Chic-Ism

      22. Chic Mystique (Lovely Club Mix) Album Chic-Ism

      23. Stage Fright (7'' Version) Album Take It Off

      24. Sometimes You Win Album C'est Chic

      25. Good Times (Alternate 7'' Version) Album Risqué

      26. Will You Cry (When You Hear this Song) Album Risqué

      27. Good Times (7'' Version) Album Risqué

      28. Good Times (Album & 12'' Version) Album Risqué

      29. Show Me Your Light Album Believer

      30. Chic Mystique (Club Mix) Album Chic-Ism

      31. Chic (Everybody Say) Album Tongue In Chic

      32. Open Up Album Real People

      33. What About Me Album Risqué

      34. Chic Mystique (12 Remix Extended Album Version) Album Chic-Ism

      35. Jusagroove Album Chic-Ism

      36. Give Me The Lovin' (Album & 12'' Version) Album Believer

      37. Chic Mystique (Lovely Radio Edit Without Rap) Album Chic-Ism

      38. I Feel Your Love Comin' On (Album & 12'' Version) Album Tongue In Chic

      39. Everybody Dance (Alternate 7'' Version) Album Chic

      40. Falling In Love With You Album Chic

      41. Le Mix C'est Freak (Radio Edit Mix) Album C'est Chic

      42. Take My Love Album Chic-Ism

      43. Le Freak (Album & 12'' Version) Album C'est Chic

      44. Chic Cheer Album C'est Chic

      45. Believer Album Believer

      46. Doin' That Thing To Me Album Chic-Ism

      47. 26 (Album & Single Version) Album Real People

      48. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (7'' Version) Album Chic

      49. Take A Closer Look Album Believer

      50. In Love With Music Album Believer

      51. Chic Cheer (Silent Propaganda Remix) Album C'est Chic

      52. Real People (Album & 12'' Version) Album Real People

      53. Good Times (Stonebridge Club Mix) Album Risqué

      54. Good Times (DJ Hasabe Remix) Album Risqué

      55. Chic Mystique (Single Version) Album Chic-Ism

      56. Jack Le Freak (12'' Version) Album C'est Chic

      57. Chip Off The Old Block Album Real People

      58. Telling Lies Album Take It Off

      59. M.M.F.T.C.F. (Make My Funk The Chic Funk) Album Chic-Ism

      60. Chic Mystique Album Chic-Ism

      61. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (Pal Joey Mix) Album Chic

      62. Flash Back Album Take It Off

      63. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (Album & 12'' Version) Album Chic

      64. At Last I Am Free Album C'est Chic

      65. Everybody Dance (12'' Version) Album Les Plus Grands Succès De Chic - Chic's Greatest Hits

      66. Good Times (A Touch Of Jazz Remix) Album Risqué

      67. My Feet Keep Dancing Album Les Plus Grands Succès De Chic - Chic's Greatest Hits

      68. I Want Your Love (Album & 12'' Version) Album C'est Chic

      69. Strike Up The Band Album Chic

      70. You Got Some Love For Me Album Believer



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