Music PlayLists
      1. Art Album The Lyricists' Opus

      2. Boys Cry Too (MMTS Edit) (Bonus Track) Album Let Freedom Reign

      3. Interlude (In My Bed - Sleeping A Album Better

      4. A Couple of Forevers Album Better

      5. Unbreakable Album Milestone

      6. Better Album Better

      7. Top Of The World Album Milestone

      8. I'm Still Fly Album Better

      9. Boys Cry Too (Bonus Track) Album Let Freedom Reign

      10. Good Girl Album I Am

      11. Works It Out Album I Am

      12. Love Won't Leave Me Out Album Better

      13. So In Love Skit Album Let Freedom Reign

      14. Ten Foot Stilettos Album Better

      15. Edge Of The Bar Album Milestone

      16. I Know Nothing Album Let Freedom Reign

      17. Like A Dream Album I Am

      18. Zero Album Milestone

      19. Private Destination Album Milestone

      20. Fairy Tales and Castles (Part 2) Album Let Freedom Reign

      21. Let Freedom Reign Album Let Freedom Reign

      22. On My Own Album Epiphany

      23. I'm From NY Skit Album Let Freedom Reign

      24. Fragile Album Epiphany

      25. Super Chris Album The Lyricists' Opus

      26. So In Love Album Let Freedom Reign

      27. Ebony Album Milestone

      28. What You Do (Feat. Ne-Yo) Album Epiphany

      29. To The Moon Album Milestone

      30. Blame It On Me Album Epiphany

      31. Mr. Radio Album I Am

      32. Porcelain Doll Album Epiphany

      33. Make Us One (feat. The Rich Hipster Chorus) Album The Lyricists' Opus

      34. Indy Girl Album Milestone

      35. Together Album The Lyricists' Opus

      36. In This For You Album I Am

      37. Mr. Right Album Epiphany

      38. Charades (feat. 2 Chainz) Album Better

      39. Interlude (Perch Yo Girlz - Phone Album Better

      40. Love In the Afternoon (feat. Nell Album Better

      41. Let Me Win Album Better

      42. Be OK Album I Am

      43. Let's Rock Album I Am

      44. Goodbye Game Album Let Freedom Reign

      45. My Body Album Milestone

      46. Black Girl Magic Album Milestone

      47. Interlude (In My Head - Better) Album Better

      48. Playin' Our Song Album Epiphany

      49. If Nobody Sang Along Album Let Freedom Reign

      50. So Cool Album Let Freedom Reign

      51. If I Have My Way Album I Am

      52. Number One Album Let Freedom Reign

      53. Love Is You Album I Am

      54. Make Me Fall Album Milestone

      55. Notebook Album Epiphany

      56. Interlude (In My Heart - Convo Wi Album Better

      57. All I Ever Think About Album Epiphany

      58. I'm A Star Album Let Freedom Reign

      59. You Mean That Much to Me Album Better

      60. I'm Okay Album Epiphany

      61. Meant To Be Album Milestone

      62. Supa Album Better

      63. Equal Album Milestone

      64. Is This The Way Love Feels Album I Am

      65. Steady Album Milestone

      66. Golden Album I Am

      67. Soulmate Album Milestone

      68. I Don't Know Why, But I Do Album Let Freedom Reign

      69. Unsaid Album Let Freedom Reign

      70. Visual Love Album Better



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