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      Vanish (feat. Swoope)

      Vanish (feat. Swoope)

      Christon Gray

      Album: School Of Roses

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      Christon Gray - Vanish (feat. Swoope) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1: Christon Gray]
      All I know is I don't know nothing
      I wish I had it figured out by now
      My fair lady's in a dungeon
      My lovely London bridge is falling down
      [Bridge: Christon Gray]
      Watching from the distance
      Wish I could make a difference
      But I just make it difficult
      So, I'm grabbing my binoculars
      Cuz' I don't want to get close
      I've done enough damage for the both of us
      Thinking I should hit the road
      Get invisible
      [Hook: Christon Gray]
      But, if I wait too long
      You just may be gone forever
      And I can't leave you here
      We gone disappear together
      [Verse 2: Christon Gray]
      Any longer, we can't harbor
      The ship was never really safe at bay
      I learned to love your shining armor
      Don't forget to let me lead the way
      [Verse 3: Swoope]
      Mama used to tell me if it ain't broke, don't break it
      So, why I'm trying to fix what's broke with no payment?
      No payment, I ain't have enough for the damages
      So, I put it down before I damage us
      Disappear, I'm sure this appears as apathy
      Now you mad at me and it's tragic
      We are drowning in an ocean of your tears, wells
      And I'm more of like a whale in that well
      Killer, toxic to my damsel in distress
      So, I step back watching you just handle this stress
      Try to wait it out, trying to let you do you
      But I make them vows, I don't want to lose you
      Ready or not, here I come
      Olly olly oxen free, my dear I run
      Whether a faucet or Titanic
      Sink or swim
      I promise you I won't vanish
      [Outro: Christon Gray]
      (Sounds of Ooohing)

      Christon Gray - Vanish (feat. Swoope) Música y Letra





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