Music PlayLists
      1. Portable Man Album Soul Activated

      2. Who Is He (And What Is He to You) Album Strong Suspicion

      3. Hard To Feel The Same About Love Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      4. I Don't Care Album More Than You Can Chew

      5. Born All Over Album Strong Suspicion

      6. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow (1000 MPH) Album Strong Suspicion

      7. Walk A Mile In My Blues Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      8. Clean Getaway Album Clean Getaway

      9. I Feel So Good Album Wiggle Outta This

      10. He Played His Harmonica Album Soul Shot

      11. Sweet Jesus Buddha The Doctor Album Wiggle Outta This

      12. Give Me Patience Album Strong Suspicion

      13. Old Enough To Know Better Album Soul Activated

      14. I Want Everyone To Know Album Wiggle Outta This

      15. Ring Telephone Ring Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      16. I Don't Want To Discuss It Album Clean Getaway

      17. Let Me Make Love To You Album Soul Shot

      18. A Woman Or The Blues Album Soul Shot

      19. Always Album More Than You Can Chew

      20. Summertime Life Album Soul Activated

      21. Alone Album Clean Getaway

      22. Everytime You Go Away Album Soul Activated

      23. Can't Stop Lovin' Album Strong Suspicion

      24. Sorry Don't Mean Nuthin' Album Wiggle Outta This

      25. Sing My Song Album Wiggle Outta This

      26. Wiggle Outta This Album Wiggle Outta This

      27. Strong Suspicion Album Strong Suspicion

      28. Salt In My Wounds Album More Than You Can Chew

      29. Why Don't I Care Album Wiggle Outta This

      30. I Sleep With The TV On Album Soul Activated

      31. Inside My Heart Album Strong Suspicion

      32. She Didn't Cut Me Loose Album Soul Shot

      33. Healing Love Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      34. Heartache Album Clean Getaway

      35. The Harder They Come Album Soul Activated

      36. My Confession Album Clean Getaway

      37. My Girlfriend Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      38. Lip Whippin Album Soul Activated

      39. Love Man Album Soul Shot

      40. Low Down Dirty Shame Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      41. Who's Loving Who Album Clean Getaway

      42. What's Up With That Album Clean Getaway

      43. Jump In To Love Album More Than You Can Chew

      44. Heartless Album More Than You Can Chew

      45. What You Gonna Do Album Soul Shot

      46. Let's Get Married Album Clean Getaway

      47. Is There Something I Should Know Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      48. Beneath The Silver Moon Album Wiggle Outta This

      49. Baby, Let Me Take You In My Arms Album Soul Shot

      50. Strung Out Album Soul Shot

      51. Help Me Through the Day Album Strong Suspicion

      52. Hip Hip Baby Album Soul Activated

      53. Hook Me Up Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      54. I'm Not Made That Way Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      55. I Know A Good Thing Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      56. More Love Less Attitude Album Soul Activated

      57. More Than You Can Chew Album More Than You Can Chew

      58. Love Her Just Because Album Strong Suspicion

      59. I'd Rather Be Blind Album Soul Activated

      60. The Sum of Something Album Strong Suspicion

      61. To Hell With It (Part 1) Album More Than You Can Chew

      62. 20 Years of B.B. King Album Clean Getaway

      63. To Hell With It (Part 2) Album More Than You Can Chew

      64. Both Sorry Over Nothin' Album Clean Getaway

      65. Simple Enough Album The Beautiful Lowdown

      66. Funny Man Album Soul Activated

      67. At Least I Didn't Do That Album Strong Suspicion

      68. Cookie Dough Album Wiggle Outta This

      69. Can't This Be Mine Album More Than You Can Chew

      70. Little Charmer Album More Than You Can Chew



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