Music PlayLists
      1. Somebody's Been Sleeping Feat. Lisa Kekaula Of The Bellrays Album Dennis Coffey

      2. All Your Goodies Are Gone Feat. Mayer Hawthorne Album Dennis Coffey

      3. Plutonius Album Dennis Coffey

      4. Garden of the Moon Album Evolution

      5. What It Is Album Motor City Magic

      6. Whole Lot of Love Album Evolution

      7. Kathy Album Instant Coffey

      8. Man And Boy Album Goin for Myself

      9. Android Album Dennis Coffey

      10. Ubiquitous Album Dennis Coffey

      11. Taurus Album Goin for Myself

      12. Lonely Nights Album Motor City Magic

      13. Never Can Say Goodbye Album Goin for Myself

      14. Don't Knock My Love (part 2) Album Dennis Coffey

      15. Midnight Blue Album Goin for Myself

      16. These Dreams Album Motor City Magic

      17. Impressions Album Evolution

      18. Space Traveller Album Dennis Coffey

      19. Theme From Enter The Dragon Album Instant Coffey

      20. Still in Love Album Motor City Magic

      21. Knockabout Album Dennis Coffey

      22. A Time For Love Album Instant Coffey

      23. Good Time Rhythm and Blues Album Evolution

      24. Bridge Over Troubled Waters Album Goin for Myself

      25. I Bet You Feat. Mick Collins Of The Dirtbombs And Rachel Nagy Of The Detroit Cobras Album Dennis Coffey

      26. Getting It on Album Evolution

      27. Only Good For Conversation Feat. Paolo Nutini Album Dennis Coffey

      28. Chicano Album Instant Coffey

      29. Don't Let Go Album Motor City Magic

      30. Can You Feel Me Album Goin for Myself

      31. 7th Galaxy Album Dennis Coffey

      32. Don't Knock My Love Feat. Fanny Franklin Of Orgone Album Dennis Coffey

      33. Sad Angel Album Evolution

      34. Motor City Magic Album Motor City Magic

      35. Ride Sally Ride Album Goin for Myself

      36. Summer Time Girl Album Evolution

      37. Outrageous - The Mind Excursion Album Instant Coffey

      38. Wind Song Album Evolution

      39. Toast And Jam Album Goin for Myself

      40. Sonata Album Instant Coffey

      41. It's Too Late Album Goin for Myself

      42. Big City Funk Album Evolution

      43. Scorpio Album Evolution

      44. Miss Millie Feat. Kings Go Forth Album Dennis Coffey

      45. Standing Room Only Album Motor City Magic

      46. Moon Star Album Instant Coffey

      47. Tracks of My Tears Album Motor City Magic



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