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      There Was A Time

      There Was A Time

      James Brown

      Album: Sex Machine

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      James Brown - There Was A Time Música y Letra

      There was a day, there was a time
      When I used to play
      There was a time when I used to play
      But take me now, baby, don't worry about later
      Teach the dance I used to do
      They call it the Mashed Potato
      There was a day, now dig this
      There was a day, they call it the Jerk
      Everybody relax and watch me work
      In my hometown where I used to stay
      The name of the place is Augusta, GA
      Down there we have a good time
      We don't talk
      We all get together in time, for rhythm with you
      So come and walk
      There was a day that I used to do
      The name of the dance
      They call it Boogaloo
      I may not do the dance as well as you
      But baby, you can bet your bottom dollar
      That you never hear me holler
      I do the best that I can do
      There was a time, sometimes I dance
      Sometimes I dance, sometimes I clown
      But you can bet you haven't seen nothing yet
      Until you see me do the James Brown

      James Brown - There Was A Time Música y Letra





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