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      Lil Wayne

      Album: 500 Degreez

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      Lil Wayne - Bloodline Música y Letra

      Hustlas make the world go round
      The world is made of keys, ounces and pounds
      The keys, ounces and pounds is made from hustlas
      See how shit come back round for ya
      Gotta cop it, chop it and cook it
      See how shit come back round for ya
      Gotta kick in the oven now watch it bubble
      And you can knock on my door
      But you can't knock the hustle
      But I- it's like a game of twenty-one and I got nineteen
      And my Jake but I put more 'd' on me
      Lil Weezy Wee gon eat that's how it is
      Got insurance on the floor man I'm that positive
      And I'm shaggy in the saggy lens
      Me an my squad in the paddy wagon tally Benz
      And you know I put the mags on that
      .45 mack with the flash on that
      Who want it
      Everybody sing along
      [Hook x2]
      Now I'ma ride cuz I got riding in my bloodline
      And I'ma shine cuz I got shining in my bloodline
      I get that dough cuz I got hustle in my bloodline
      I bleed concrete
      [Verse 2]
      And when I move, I move out with the raw
      I move out with the squad
      To his album we ride we so mob
      I throw lives and lowest to live
      For my loaf of bread the people's player
      I did what the culture said
      And I live by the coast of Nostre Cid
      Fuck around I'll knock your shoulder from your head
      Get it right I'm a soldier till I'm dead
      This kid is white with buttonholes inside that bled
      I'm pumping o's with lots of hay
      I'm so high and really I don't even know why
      And oh I just go buy a whole house
      And lay my mat down lay her back down
      But I never put my mack down
      You see the thug in me
      You know Weezy he the young son of Bubba-B
      Buy my basketball shorts with a thunder B
      If you want it then come to me
      I'm right here
      [Hook x2]
      [Verse 3]
      I'm G'd up
      Only follow the code of the streets
      Live bad to die good
      Know how to move when hustling by the days with no food
      But just so I can eat
      And ain't it a bitch
      And if you see me getting fat I'm probably getting rich
      And you probably can see me for some crack before six
      And after that it's all bricks
      A fake and my palm is wrapped around this eight
      And my arm because the dirty south is straight Vietnam
      I skate with the bomb
      I'm asking you don't play with me at all
      Shots hit your ass and make three of y'all
      It'll take three of y'all to fill one of my shoeprints
      Cuz I did and do shit that's better than new shit
      Fit for two clips
      The kid is a nuisance
      Awww man, he's inspired by his own gangsta music
      And the Blueprint
      Cruising through stoop with the ewe lit
      like ooh shit this is more than weed, it's 500 Degreez
      [Hook x2]

      Lil Wayne - Bloodline Música y Letra





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