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      Enemy Turf (Feat. Juvenile)

      Enemy Turf (Feat. Juvenile)

      Lil Wayne

      Album: Tha Block Is Hot

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      Lil Wayne - Enemy Turf (Feat. Juvenile) Música y Letra

      ah hmmm hmmmm
      hmmmm hmmm
      [verse 1 (juvenile)]
      when i say i don't give a fuck
      i mean that yeah
      ?? brains is getting bust
      i didn't say that yeah
      if a shipment was comin in
      i need a ?? wodie
      i need a sixty-forty nigga
      and no chargin' that wodie
      you done heard about michael jackson
      and shiggidy shit
      but you ain't never heard about me
      when i'm flissin a bitch
      niggas shoulders gettin knocked
      clean off of they head
      see that red dot comin from
      me and my girlfriend
      cause i wants mine
      i needs mine
      and i'm about to get mine
      at these times
      look lil' daddy
      you ain't got to worry about none of these other niggas
      you needs to be worried about when juvi comin to get ya
      look, i make a phone call to the big dog
      y'all bitches better handle y'all business before i hit y'all
      even though a nigga rich and i rock ice
      i still bust a nigga head on the block aright
      [chorus 2x (juvenile & lil' wayne)]
      it's enemy turf that i'm on
      so i'ma play it how it go
      cock the hollow points
      and tote my black calicoe
      my lil' brother weezy
      [lil' wayne]
      my big brother juvi
      four hit the blocks
      strapped up with the uzis
      [verse 2 (lil' wayne)]
      what, what, la
      gun for gun
      eye for eye
      better move yo' wife and son
      'cause i ride or die
      cashmoney hot boy
      bless me when i'm gone
      but until then load up the chrome cause it's on
      i been bout it
      put a ??????
      i drop the top and then i flip i hit his cock and make 'em flip
      and i be full of that trash
      i be the first one to jump out the jag bust at 'em fast
      watch the bullets chop off the head
      and make 'em fall in the grass
      one move they all die
      lil' weezy small frie
      guerilla when it's war time
      y'all better learn
      when this nigga shoot it'll be all hell
      well then let 'em burn
      seven churn and i be damn if i let 'em go
      if i don't get my dough
      then hell will be all blowin'
      'till i r.i.p cmr i be
      i put it down for all my peeps
      nigga, i'm hb for real
      [chorus 2x]
      [verse 3]
      all i know is the streets
      and how to strap up
      when it's time shoot it
      cock yo' heaters
      tie up yo' bags
      it's time to do it
      blaze the blunt
      shut off the lights
      and cut down the music
      roll down the windows
      turn the corner
      and let loose with the bbbbrrrrrr
      if ya don't know now
      then ya never will learn
      you ca play with lil' wayne
      and yo' block get burned
      you must love to go swimmin
      cause tha water gets deeper
      see i bust you wide open
      and take 'ya daughter with me
      here come the beat boy
      shoot out the street lights
      time to bring on the heat boy
      if you ain't really wit it
      then you better get back
      i open yo' chest
      and make it look just like a wet cat
      this is a death trap
      i'ma a guerilla and i mean it
      leave ya' head still in a beanin'
      ?? on the semen
      calicoe steamin'
      red dot beamin'
      dressed up suspicious
      play with lil' weezy you'll be ?? for the vicious
      [chorus 2x]
      Enemy turf
      time to strap up

      Lil Wayne - Enemy Turf (Feat. Juvenile) Música y Letra





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