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      Get It Poppin'

      Get It Poppin'

      Lil Wayne

      Album: The Carter Files

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      Lil Wayne - Get It Poppin' Música y Letra

      Chris Br-eezy I ... see ya da-da
      Ya, right off the bat
      I'm a mack
      We can get it poppin, we can get it crack-in'
      And if your man is whack
      And if he lack what I pack
      Then Imma make you lack him
      Shorty we can do what you wanna, how you wanna
      Where you wanna, when you wanna - ask them
      And my clip never droppin'
      We can get it poppin' like a mac-ten
      Brrrr-Dat Dat Dat on your back back back
      I smack smack smack that
      And I'm strapped with an automatic tongue
      And it goes Brrrr-At-Dat Dat Dat
      Now who wanna get shot baby I could tap that
      Yup I could tap that (atta?) Rat Pack
      I could lay back like a fat cat
      But I'm a big dog on Inter-track
      Ah- and we can get it poppin' e'ry night e'ry night
      When we do tha tour thing
      You know I had to tell them young niggaz
      When it come to the women I just switch like a mood ring
      But I'm rich, I'm high on the food chain
      I'm hot, I smoke like two trains
      I'm trained, I know how to do things
      My thing - hot like blue flame
      Flame- the fireman put it out
      She hot- the fireman put her out
      All she gotta do is call up emergency
      And I will be on my way to the house
      Knock,knock? I know somebody home
      Don't leave me knocking' baby
      All you gotta do is bring that car
      And we can get it poppin' baby.

      Lil Wayne - Get It Poppin' Música y Letra





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