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      Dec. 4

      Dec. 4

      Lil Wayne

      Album: The Prefix

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      Lil Wayne - Dec. 4 Música y Letra

      [Verse 1]
      The people asking me ''Wayne, what's crackalacking''? I can't kid
      I ain't smelling out my ass, mama, I ain't shit
      But you can't tell my mama that I ain't the shit
      And if you talk about my mama bet I'm all in your shit
      All of the things go to my mama cause she brought me in this
      And ever since I never miss her, never called in sick
      I go to work, I don't quit, mama taught me this
      ''You go berserk for that crib, baby boy, don't slip''
      I'll murk you for them chips and make Frito Lay
      I'm trying to come up on the fortress, split it 3-4-ways
      Hey - Mama say ''don't let 'em see your page''
      Don't let 'em copy you off your paper, let 'em see yo' ok
      And you ain't gotta do nothing but be your age
      But mama how can I? I will be so paid
      She kept me with money, I keep her with money, she like
      "Long as you investin' in something," I'm invested in her
      I got my weight up
      [Verse 2]
      Pops passed, I had to get off my ass
      Had to put it in little bags and get off my grass
      Nigga coming at me sharp my ass
      I'm just trying to play my part like Cass', smart like Taz
      I used to carry off-white like cash
      Now I tote handguns like bags
      Ain't too much changed
      Still pitch and give 'em a split or a change up
      I never up and change, I just get my change up
      I'm greasy with the game, Joe Casey gave me, I'm an animal
      And niggas hate me like rabies
      But niggas taste this and lick nuts like ladies
      I get ape quick and hit up like I get
      I deflate the game and insert my dick
      That mean I fuck the game so fuck the game
      I grind to the money, say fuck the game
      Man, niggas wonder why I got out, I won the game
      I'm a champion
      [Verse 3]
      And when I got paid I gave back what I owed
      So don't be mad when you see me in the Maybach or the Rolls
      Making haters taste crack when I'm attacking the roads
      Sitting so far back with the seat I'm in the trunk with the coke
      You know what's under the seat, I got the Combat 4
      Gave a nigga one, bet he don't come back no more
      Nope - it's Weezy F and the 'F' is for flow
      I spit blood on a track, call me Dracula dough
      I get it sacking, act like I came back from coke
      Not guilty or Jesus, let rabbit go
      Wow, that's my daddy if ya'll ain't know
      And I love him with every second my hard day go
      Buck - remember when the bullet caught lil' bro?
      Who you think got that blood up off that flo'?
      Who you think made that boy come off so cold?
      How you think that young boy come off so old?
      I miss you pops

      Lil Wayne - Dec. 4 Música y Letra





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