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      Intro Talk

      Intro Talk

      Mary J. Blige

      Album: What's The 411

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      Mary J. Blige - Intro Talk Música y Letra

      Uh, uh
      Yes yes yes yes yes yes
      Fresh- from the L.O.N.S. Family tree in 1992
      This is Busta Rhymes, spelled with an A
      As i will carry you on a journey
      Of overwhelming, listening pleasure
      Hip hop oriented essence
      Somethin real emotion like
      You know
      That little emotional thing that i just like to feel
      Like pop shit, the shit, thats like real raw deal
      Like this, you know what i'm sayin?
      I gotta BURST like u kno its like
      It just gets me into one of them moods
      When im like um like um
      HEY Busta rhymes be rippin it
      You kno that i be flippin it
      Every time i relax.. i'd be shittin on it
      Alright alright alright, chill chill
      Relax, and imma slow down
      And imma carry on with what im supposed to be dealin with here
      [clears throat]
      Anyway its like this
      It is now the time that you face the certified quality
      In musical, spiritual, DEFINANTLY physical
      So just chill, you know what I'm sayin,
      And relax, like, a little bit, and just capture
      The complete emotional
      Of Mary J Blige
      If you think im bullshittin
      (ladies and gentlemen are you ready?)
      Then stay tuned and relax and listen
      Cause you about to see in a split second
      So just chill, like check it out cause im gonna
      Wild and do it like this and like that
      I flip on a rhyme showin you that busta rhymes be wildin
      AHHAHAHAHA (hahaha)
      On your own SHIT damn im bustin like break yo foot
      Can't help this shit ya'll I gotta go
      Imma slow down and relax all my composure
      And ya'll just cool out, listen to the album
      Check out, this your new, raw deal, rugged, mary j bilge material

      Mary J. Blige - Intro Talk Música y Letra





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