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      Back To What You Know

      Back To What You Know

      Ne Yo

      Album: Year Of The Gentleman

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      Ne Yo - Back To What You Know Música y Letra

      [Verse 1]
      I don't know where to begin
      Fighting a war I cant win
      Fighting a memory
      Something that used to be
      No matter how hard I fight
      All of my strength and my might
      Keeps defeating me
      It just keeps defeating me
      So what I'm trying to say
      I know what's happening
      Your body's here with me
      But your heart and your mind is still with him
      Go back to what you know
      Go back to where you know your heart is
      Girl, just be honest (this is impossible)
      This is impossible
      We'll never work if you don't want it
      Girl, you belong with him, so go back to what you know
      [Verse 2]
      Telling me things you used to
      Do when he was with you
      How he was o' so sweet
      The way that he used to treat you
      And since you just cant
      Keep him out of your mind
      It's obvious to me that I'm
      Not where you want to be
      baby you don't want me
      [Verse 3]
      And if that's really what you want
      I will not stand in your way
      You wanna be free
      I will let you be
      I'd rather you happy
      Then miserable with me
      Back to what you know
      Said ain't no way to make this last,
      You're stuck in the past,
      Pedal to the gas,
      And drive away...

      Ne Yo - Back To What You Know Música y Letra





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