Music PlayLists
      1. Because of You Album Inside Out

      2. Are We Doing Better Now Album Dreams

      3. Walking On The Chinese Wall Album Chinese Wall

      4. Welcome to the Club Album Inside Out

      5. Talking To Myself Album Life And Love

      6. Show You The Way To Love Album Chinese Wall

      7. For Every Heart That's Been Broken Album Chinese Wall

      8. Waiting For The Rain Album Dreams

      9. Go Album Chinese Wall

      10. Woman Album Chinese Wall

      11. Children Of The Ghetto Album Chinese Wall

      12. Anything Is Possible Album Life And Love

      13. Masquerade Is Over Album Dreams

      14. Photogenic Memory Album Chinese Wall

      15. How Can I Rely On You Album Life And Love

      16. Something Album Dreams

      17. State of the Heart Album Inside Out

      18. Tonight Album Life And Love

      19. Don't Leave Me Baby Album Inside Out

      20. Time Is A Woman Album Chinese Wall

      21. Feining For Your Love Album Life And Love

      22. Something To Remind You Album Dreams

      23. Back It Up Album Inside Out

      24. Shower Me With Your Love Album Life And Love

      25. Dream Like I Do Album Dreams

      26. Caution To The Wind Album Life And Love

      27. Bailes' Song Album Life And Love

      28. Steppin' Through Time Album Life And Love

      29. How Can I Rely On You (Love To Infinity' s Soulmaster Radio Mix) Album Life And Love

      30. All Night Waiting Album Life And Love

      31. Long Distance Love Album Inside Out

      32. Make it With You Album Dreams

      33. Down Album Life And Love

      34. I Go Crazy Album Chinese Wall

      35. Echo My Heart Album Inside Out

      36. Special Effect Album Inside Out

      37. The Day Will Come Album Inside Out

      38. Weightless Album Life And Love

      39. Life And Love Album Life And Love

      40. Easy Lover (Duet with Phil Collins) Album Chinese Wall

      41. Sail Away Album Dreams

      42. Strength To Love You Album Dreams

      43. Take This With You Album Inside Out

      44. Someway, Somehow Album Life And Love

      45. Moondance Album Dreams



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