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      Laugh At Em

      Laugh At Em


      Album: Dime Trap

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      T.I. - Laugh At Em Música y Letra

      You know what the fuck goin' on, man
      You better strap in your seat
      Well, it's gon' be a rough ride
      It's the king, bitch
      Just Blaze!
      [Verse 1]
      No introduction really necessary
      Get the message like a secretary
      Boy, I'm legendary
      When I'm dead and buried, still be kicking flavor in the cemetery
      Trap music originator, fresh off of my hiatus
      Yellin', 'Fuck you' to all of my haters, they Skywalker, I'm Darth Vader
      Promise, I don't give a shit about 'em
      Let 'em know, turn him red, tell 'em he don't even matter, yeah!
      Like I'm pimpin in a Kangol and a new Cadillac with some all gold hammer
      Long as I remember, I done ran Atlanta
      I could give a damn 'bout a dog faced hoe
      Sister used to gettin' thangs from a check, so how can I
      Settin' numbers in the hood, do what I say do
      Tell 'em niggas break bread or fake dead
      Or bare it, they hate that, 50 million, yeah, died to make that
      Middle finger, if you vote for Trump, see me outside well you know what's up
      I ain't hearing no peace talk, ain't shit funny, no hee-haw
      Like a Black Panther, we armed to the teeth, cracker tried me, we squeeze off
      Swear to God, I could've been Freddie Gray or Mike Brown gettin' shot down
      With a pistol on me and a half a brick of yay, blam-blammin' by Sandra Bland
      Listen, boy, your challenge with the runnin' man
      I will challenge with a gun in hand
      What you see before you, fuck what they done told you
      Bitch I brought this shit from nothin', man
      Grand Hustle over errythang, Molly, Becky and the Mary-Jane
      It's the king, nigga like a 18-wheeler swervin' in and out of every lane
      Never been a part of they in-crowd, got a problem with me? I say, 'Fuck y'all'
      Got the same friend that I came in with, duckin' all that lame shit, ayy
      Everyone I know is on go, drive-bys all rolled in a 4 by 4
      Believe, if I catch him, that the hoe gon' go
      See me with it, you ain't gon' see the hoe no more
      They love when I talk that shit
      Roll by the car lot, went and bought that shit
      Caught case after case and I fought that shit
      Then watch he give a damn, went and off that brick
      I lived the shit that they rappin' 'bout
      Care nuttin' 'bout what they cappin' 'bout
      Bankroll mama, we know what this, we cashin' out, we baggin' up
      Stackin' up them zeroes, certified neighborhood hero
      You can try one of them sucka niggas, better not try it with me though
      Ayy, ayy, ayy
      You know you done fucked up, don'cha?
      You know you done fucked up, don'cha?
      Ain't no stoppin' this shit, partna
      And you know what happened if you run me hot in this bitch, now
      [Verse 2]
      We turned to the max, Atlanta hat
      Cocked to the left, turned to the back
      Nigga tried, see, we weren't havin' that
      Send shots where your bandana at
      Drop a nigga off where Alabama at
      That's what nigga get for tryna battle rap
      Head shot, should be one and done
      No drive-by, but we run and gun
      A nigga walk up to you, while you showin' off stunts
      Tell you, "Up your jewelry, nigga, run that money"
      Nigga playin' games, think it sure not funny
      'Til my young nigga went and done it for me, yeah
      For the love of the bankroll, keep your business to yourself
      Nigga, don't nobody care 'bout it
      Don't nobody wanna hear 'bout it
      You got problems, huh? Well, it's the same thing for everybody
      And, nigga, I ain't gon' lie, I promise, not a day go by
      I ain't on the grind, if I ain't on fire
      If any thing that I want, I can go buy
      Tryna put six wheels on a Range Rover
      I ain't playin' no games, not with you, no sir
      If you think you're at the top, tell 'em move over
      Modern 2Pac and the new Hova, goddamn
      Know the hustle now, come with us and down
      We dodgin' suckas, steady duckin' clowns
      We chasing mills so we can put that down
      Bullshit talk but we run that town
      But with millions and no cap and gown
      Went from trappin' raw, look what happen now
      Metal throne, concrete crown
      Cross that line, you're gettin' beat down
      Real dope boy veteran, dope boy academy
      These dope fiends still remember me when they were sick and needed their medicine
      You better watch it partner, you ain't' from 'round here
      Think it's sweet, you got the wrong idea
      Get stripped naked, left out there, tell 'em, "So, what the fuck I care?"
      'Bout the trap music, all black Uzi, still packin', I'm that stupid
      Still down to do it, if you act stupid, get locked up and get back to it, yeah
      Trap music, all black Uzi, get locked up and get back to it, yeah

      T.I. - Laugh At Em Música y Letra





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