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      Just Be A Man About It

      Just Be A Man About It

      Toni Braxton

      Album: The Heat

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      Toni Braxton - Just Be A Man About It Música y Letra

      Hey, hey, hold up a minute
      Let me stop up here and use this pay phone real quick
      Hey, hey, Toni, it's me; I was calling
      You know, just calling to let you know
      Don't wait up for me tonight
      I mean, I just got a lot of things on my
      Mind I gotta think about, you know
      Just um, I'll be over Brian's house
      You know, it's not you, it's me
      You know it's really me, you know
      I mean basically, I just think I'm gonna
      Need some space
      Why are you calling me on the phone?
      Why you not at home on time?
      You say you're staying over at your friends
      'Cause you got a lot on your mind
      Now you're swearing up and down that it ain't me
      Still, you say that things have changed
      So, tell me, what exactly does it mean
      When you say you need your space?
      Just don't make no excuses, no, no
      Why you gotta lie to me?
      Just be a man about it
      Baby, you don't gotta lie to me, no
      Just be a man about it
      If you want to leave, go on
      Just be a man about it
      Come and grab your things and go on
      Right now
      Just be a man about it
      I mean, you gotta understand I love you
      You know what I'm saying
      And I love you enough to say that I think
      I think you deserve somebody better
      Than me, you know
      And right now, I can't give you what
      You need, you know
      I mean, I want to love you
      And I'm gonna love you, one day
      But you know, I mean, you just gotta understand
      Where I'm coming from
      You say right now that you're not
      What I'm looking for
      And what you really need is time to grow
      You're promising that one day you may
      Come around
      And I'm supposed to let that go
      But where the hell do you get off
      Telling me your mama said
      I'm not what you need?
      Tell you what, since she knows it all
      Then that's where you need to be
      Can you tell me how you can
      Say you're loved and then
      Treat me so bad?
      Boy, you know it just ain't right
      I cannot believe the way you handled things
      You wouldn't lie if you were a man

      Toni Braxton - Just Be A Man About It Música y Letra






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